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Name: first name, second name
Address: S. Perovskoy St. Astrakhan, Russia
Date of birth: 03/30/1985
Citizenship: Russia
Marital status: single

Astrakhan State Technical University, 4 - year student
Faculty of geology oil and gas

July - August, 2003 - camp of the "Mayakovskogo" Astrakhan, Russia (assistant gardener)
September - November, 2004 - bar "Mary Claime", Astrakhan, Russia (waitress)
January - September, 2005 - Cafe "Cream cafe", Astrakhan, Russia (waitress)

English: intermediate

Computer work; Interpreting, communication skills. keep a check on children, work in garden,
very hard - working, easy trained whole, responsible.

Traveling, studying, reading, listen music, learn something new,
study culture of the different countries, take pictures,
cooking, concern with sport, roller - skate, play in billiards and
table tennis.

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